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Coercive Control​ Posted on 7 Jul 2022

In the UK, coercive control is a criminal offence. One of the less recognised forms of domestic abuse, it can have a devastating impact on victims. Abusers may not recognise control of money, restriction of autonomy, or jealousy as abusive behaviours.

If you are a man and concerned that your behaviour towards a partner or family member may be abusive, you may find the advice from Men’s Health Forum useful. There is a five step programme to help you get out of a cycle of abuse.

Men can find themselves being abused by partners or family members. It can be difficult to accept that you’re being abused, and harder still to seek help.

If you’re a victim of coercive control, you might recognise some of the themes in this article from Vogue. In the early stages of a relationship, it’s easy to mistake control for caring.

Women’s Aid has information about domestic abuse including coercive control. The site has a quick exit button, in case you’re concerned someone may see you. You may want to consider using a private or incognito browser.

Women’s Aid has a wealth of information about how to help keep yourself safe online if you’re concerned that a partner or family member is monitoring your online activity. If possible, use internet away from the home. Make sure you understand private or incognito browsers and how to clear your history.

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